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As Reliable Controls® Authorized Dealer  we offer supply, installation, and service for the complete line of Reliable Controls® products.

We also offer a complete line of peripheral devices compatible with the Reliable Controls® products as well as other automation systems.

If you are in search of any items or products from the manufacturers below, or another unique item, please feel free to contact us with your questions and we will be glad to provide you with solutions, suggestions, and/or a quote for the item(s).


Below are sample product listings from Reliable Controls® and other manufacturers that we supply and support.



Publish your building automation system to the Web quickly and easily with the Reliable Controls MACH-ProWebSys. The first 3-in-1 device of its kind, the MACH-ProWebSys combines a BTL-listed BACnet Building Controller (B-BC), a BTL listed BACnet Operator Workstation (B-OWS), and a powerful web server, all in a single package with an installed footprint of a typical building controller.




Destined to be an expandable workhorse of the industry, the Reliable Controls MACH-Pro2 is a rugged, flexible and fully programmable BACnet® Building Controller (B-BC) ideal for large rooftop equipment or mid-sized mechanical room applications.



The Reliable Controls MACH-ProView LCD with router is a powerful and elegant BACnet building controller (B-BC) and BACnet Operator Display (B-OD) which provides a plenitude of attractive, high resolution, graphical interfaces to access, control, and monitor the comfort and energy of any space, while routing communications to multiple networks.



RC-WebView is a browser-based, enterprise solution that meets or exceeds the BACnet Operator Workstation profile (B-OWS), allowing operators and administrators to manage any BACnet, Internet-connected building configured with RC-Studio® properties. RC-WebView's strength lies in its ability to connect multiple, independent control systems into a single Enterprise Website, accessed by a Single-Sign-On (SSO).




Belimo ZoneTight ValveBelimo ZoneTight ValveBelimo ZoneTight Zone Valves

Designed for maximum efficiency in tight spaces, Belimo’s ZoneTight zone valve offering sets new design and performance standards for both pressure dependent and pressure independent zoning applications. Unlike short stroke globe valves, the self-cleaning ball helps minimize energy losses caused by clogging and eliminates overflow from pump pressure seat lift. In addition, high close-off capabilities ensure shut-off and allow for true equal percentage flow characteristics.

RIBX Series Current Sensors And SwitchesRIBX Series Current Sensors And SwitchesFunctional Devices Current Sensors/Switches

The X Series of current sensors consists of both current switches and current transducers. These sensors come with optional embedded relays, which can be used to activate an external contactor. They can sense external currents (up to 150 Amps) with a Solid or Split current sensing ring.

Models are available with fixed, or adjustable current sensing trigger points, or with voltage out. Externally visible LEDs indicate the status of the relay coil and current sensor trigger. The (Closed-Open-Auto) override switch, available on certain models, is a true override switch located on the load side of the relay.

Automated Components Temp SensorsAutomated Components Temp SensorsAutomation Components Temperature Sensing

10K Ohms @ 77 Deg F (25 Deg C) Type III Thermistor The standard plastic duct mount configuration has a mounting flange for quick installation and a foam pad to dampen vibrations. The sensing element is double encapsulated to avoid sensor failures caused by moisture infiltration. ACI duct temperature sensors are designed for HVAC, Building Automation, and light industrial systems. Specific applications include: zone control, air handling units, and temperature monitoring.